From 1 - 11 March we’re running a competition on Twitter & Instagram with Fabrik. Two finalists will be chosen for each theme with the best two from the whole competition going through to a live head-to-head battle.

What's Fabrik?

Fabrik is the fastest way on earth to build a beautiful, powerful portfolio website. Born out of London's film and design industries, loved by world-leading creators and studios in 80+ countries, Fabrik's evolution is guided by thousands of creators who use the platform.

What’s the prize for the runner up?

What’s the prize for the winner?

How do I take part?

Create a quick 2D or 3D piece in the given theme. You must send 1 WIP design or grab along with your final piece. Use the hashtag #FabrikDreamworld to ensure your entry gets counted. 


1 - 2 March 

Scene: Desert. Include: Sphere.

4 - 5 March

Scene: Snowstorm. Include: Teddy Bear.

7 - 8 March

Scene: Forest. Include: Robot.

10 - 11 March

Scene: Hanger Bay. Include: Taco Truck.

22 March 

Live battle with two finalists from the competition

25 March

Winner announced